Equal partners, shared vision

BTAC and the Thalanyji Advisory Council (TAC) are committed to working together as equal partners to deliver on our vision, through a relationship of trust, reciprocity and accountability. Together, we developed a joint strategic plan for 2021 to 2024, informed through multiple forums of member consultation in Onslow, and discussions with partners. The result captures the shared priorities, desired outcomes, key actions and responsibilities of Thalanyji Group, and is guided by the vision and wisdom of Thalanyji people.


You can download a copy or read on for a more concise summary.


Our shared vision

Thalanyji People dream of a future where our identity remains strong, we are increasingly self-reliant and in charge of our own destiny, and we can all lead secure and comfortable lives.

BTAC’s purpose

Manage the native title of Thalanyji People and enable the social, economic and cultural development of BTAC members.

Guided by Thalanyji values

We commit to abiding by the Thalanyji values in delivering this strategic plan. They are the core guiding principles to bring our vision and purpose to life.

Country and Elders

If we look after our Country, our Country will look after us.

Our heritage

We will honour our land, history, our traditions and our customs.

Our Elders

We will always show respect and recognition for our Elders, their knowledge of Country and what they pass onto us.

Our sovereignty

We recognise and pay tribute to the resilience of past generations, what they endured and what they achieved.

Our identity

We take pride in our identity and our right to be recognised as Thalanyji People first and foremost.

Our name

We are Thalanyji People, the traditional and sovereign owners of this land and have a right to be recognised and acknowledged as such.

Our language

We will practice and preserve our language to keep it alive as a centrepiece of our identity.

Our culture

We will practice and preserve our culture. We will hold onto the tradition of the older ones guiding with the younger ones following behind and learning in their footsteps.

Our organisation

We will build a strong and well-structured and professional organisation. We will work to establish BTAC as an Aboriginal service provider that serves the needs of all Thalanyji People fairly and equitably and is universally recognised as a leader in its field.

Our duty to serve

We will provide equity of access for all BTAC members to our services and deliver cultural, social and economic benefits and opportunities for all.

Our business conduct

We will learn and practice our roles so that we can make wise choices and sound decisions.

Our behaviour

We will perform our role honourably and ensure those responsible for service delivery show accountability and responsiveness to Thalanyji People.

Our partners

We will work together as Thalanyji People and in partnership with others towards improving our socio-economic circumstances and lifting all Thalanyji People out of poverty and disadvantage forever.

Maintaining our values

We will preserve our independence and strength by holding true to our values and demonstrating endurance and persistence in pursuit of our vision.

Our four strategic objectives

Thalanyji Group will work together to achieve four strategic objectives during 2021-2024. The central objective is strong Country and culture, which enables self-determination and autonomy. Delivering on these objectives creates a platform for improved health, wellbeing and security and empowerment and opportunity.

Strong Country & culture

Thalanyji Country and culture is practiced, preserved and passed-on

Outcomes: What will we achieve?


Thalanyji People are connected to and take care of their Country.


Thalanyji People understand and practice culture in their everyday lives.


Thalanyji culture and heritage is preserved and celebrated, including oral traditions, family trees and artefacts.


Thalanyji language is understood and spoken by Thalanyji People and is visible on Thalanyji Country.

Self-determination & autonomy

Thalanyji People’s rights, interests, and voice is recognised and respected

Outcomes: What will we achieve?


BTAC is recognised as an influential voice and partner for the rights and interests of Thalanyji People and Thalanyji Country.

Engaged membership

Thalanyji People become active BTAC members and participate in important meetings.


Thalanyji People are recognised for their knowledge and expertise and have a voice in decisions that affect them.

Native title

Thalanyji People’s rights and interests on traditional land and waters are respected, recognised, enforced, and compensated for when used.


BTAC and the TAC are recognised as strong, accountable, collaborative and sustainable entities.

Health, wellbeing & security

Thalanyji People’s human rights are secured and sustained

Outcomes: What will we achieve?

Aged care

Thalanyji old people are looked after and safe.


All Thalanyji People, young and old, have improved education outcomes.


Thalanyji People and their families have access to health care and medical services.


Thalanyji People have improved access to secure, affordable and sustainable housing.


Thalanyji People have improved outcomes across the justice system.

Empowerment & opportunity

Thalanyji People lead comfortable, financially secure and prosperous lives

Outcomes: What will we achieve?

Business development

Thalanyji People are supported to own and manage businesses.

Capacity building

Thalanyji People develop and strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities.


Thalanyji People have increased access to secure and meaningful work.

Further education

Thalanyji People have increased access to and completion of vocational education, training and university.

Five key organisational capabilities

Strong organisational performance will drive strategic delivery. To successfully deliver our strategic plan, we will demonstrate five key organisational capabilities: good governance and leadership; strong organisational performance; accountable financial management; real partnership and relationships, and, across it all, cultural respect and practice.

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